Chair Professor / Dr. Kazuhito Tsukagoshi

塚越 一仁   教授

  • TSUKAGOSHI.Kazuhito@nims.go.jp
  • In the field of nanoelectronic components, new materials for the synthesis of carbon nanotubes graphene composed of carbon atoms, carbon family material components, exploration of new two-dimensional materials, organic/metal oxide thin film transistors.

 Chair Professor / Dr. Gou-Chung Chi

紀國鐘   教授

  • 03-5712121ext.56370
  • gcchi@mail.nctu.edu.tw
  • 紀國鐘教授在光電半導體領域具有重要貢獻,開發出光纖通訊用雪崩式二極體,最早引入有機金屬氣象磊晶技術到電信研究所與工研院,開創台灣在紅光/藍光發光二極體與紅光雷射之產業,推動白光照明產業與太陽能智慧電網,在綠能/節能之技術與政策規劃有重要貢獻。

 Chair Professor / Dr. Yousoo Kim

金有洙   教授

  • ykim@riken.jp
  • He began his research career at RIKEN as a special postdoctoral researcher, and has progressed to his current position from his outstanding contributions to the surface and interface investigation of single molecules using the UHV-STM system.