Industry-Academia Collaboration

Advantage in NCHU

  • The only research university in central Taiwan
  • Founded by Ministry of Science and Technology,Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Excellent and diversify research resource and power
  • Completely testing and analysis instruments for the nano scale physical and chemical properity
  • Profesional and Diverse Testing Techonlogies

Form of Industry-academia Collaboration

Industry-Academia Collaboration

Techonlogy Development
Method Establishment
Techonlogy Transfer
Cooperative Education

Testing Collaboration

Core Facility

Nano mark testing and certification laboratory

MOST instrument center (centeral Taiwan)

NCHU instrument center

Diverse research laboratories

Benefit of industry-academia collaboration contract

Customized industry-academia collaboration contract

Non-disclosure agreement

Fee Discount Available

Dedicated and Fast Service

Completely Research Power in NCHU

  1. Contact Information

  2. 李鳳玉 | Faye Lee
  3. (04)22840502 #188
  4. nanocenter@nchu.edu.tw